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HCNP-R&S - IERN - Implementing Enterprise Routing Network Training (Español - ONLINE)

This program is intended for those who are to take the HCNP-IERN certification exam and those who need advanced knowledge of IP routing protocols, features of Huawei high-end and middle-range routers, and construction of an enterprise-class IP routing network.





What you'll learn

On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:


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Module 1-Advanced IP


Advanced IP Address Planning


Module 2-OSPF


OSPF Routing Protocol Basis

OSPF Neighbor and Adjacency

OSPF Protocol Packet and LSA Establishing

OSPF Neighbor / Adjacency Calculating

OSPF Intra-area Routes

OSPF Inter-area Routing

OSPF OSPF External Routing

OSPF Special Areas

OSPF Troubleshooting

OSPF Extension


Module 3-BGP


BGP Overview

Working Principle of BGP

BGP Route Selection

BGP Route Aggregation

BGP Routing Policies

BGP Route Reflection and Confederation

Route Selection Tools

BGP troubleshooting


Module 4-Route Selection / Control


Route Selection Tools

Routing Policy Police-based

Route Selection Module


5-Multicast IP


Multicast Basis

IGMP Protocol Principle

PIM-DM Protocol Principle

PIM-SM Protocol Principle


Training Methods


Lecture, Hands-on exercise


Online: R$ 4.800,00

Presencial: R$ 4.800,00



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